The Women in Distress and Detention Fund Act, 2010

  • When Was This Act Passed?

The Women in Distress and Detention Fund Act was passed by the Parliament of Pakistan in 1996. Its rules were framed in 1999 and in 2011, the Act was amended to make it operation under the Ministry of Human Rights. 

  • Establishment of the Fund:

The Federal Government shall establish the Fund for Women in Distress and Detention (WDDF) to carry out the purposes of this Act.

  • What is the Purpose of the Fund?

The purpose of the Fund shall be to provide financial and legal assistance to women in distress and detention.

  • What is the definition of Distress in this Act?

"Women in distress and detention" means a female or a class of females in need of financial assistance to alleviate her or their miseries due to detention, litigation or for similar connected matters.

  • What are the Sources of the Fund?

1. The Fund shall consist of the following sources:

  • Grants from the Federal Government and Provincial Governments and
  • Aid and assistance from local, national and international agencies; and
  • Contributions from the statutory bodies, corporations, private organizations and individuals; and
  • Income and earnings from the movable and immovable properties acquired or leased by the Fund.
  • Any income from the investment of the amount credited to the Fund and

2.The amount credited to the Fund shall not lapse at the end of a financial year and shall be available for utilization at any time.

3. The capital of the fund in full or a part thereof may be invested in any Government savings scheme and the interest profit or earnings thus obtained may be utilized for the purposes of the Fund.

  • Who Can Benefit From The Fund?

This fund allows up-to Rs. 10,000 for legal aid, bail and other support to the following categories of deserving women:

  1. Women in detention (under trial, convicted or in Darul Aman) for books, payment of stipend or women assigned teaching jobs. It also provides funds to women in cases of extreme hardship for purposes of rehabilitation
  2. Disabled Women 
  3. Deserving women suffering from serious ailments including mental ailment or who are in distress and need medical aid
  4. Burn cases
  5. Distressed women and their minor children in need of shelter
  6. Women seriously maltreated by their husbands
  7. Similar cases of grave distress and
  8. Legal help to women in detention or distress
  • Who manages this fund?

A Board of Governors and Provincial Committees manage the fund with the help of a Secretariat of WDDF in the Ministry of Human Rights.

  • The Women in Distress and detention Fund (Amendment) Act, 2017

Amendment of section 6, Act XV of 1996.- In the Women in Distress and Detention fund Act 1996 (XV of 1996), in section 6, in subsection (1), for clauses (i) to (viii), the following shall be substituted

Membership Clause


 i. Minister-in-charge of the administrative Division Chairperson


 ii. One woman member each of the National Assembly and the Senate to be nominated by the Speaker and the Chairman respectively


 iii. Secretary of the administrative Division Member


 iv. One woman prominent social worker from each province to be nominated by the Provincial Governments   


v. An officer in BS-20 or above of the administrative Division

Member cum-secretary


For More Details:

Postal Address:        Ministry of Human Rights, Pakistan. 9th Floor, New Pak Secretariat, (Kohsar Block) Sector F-5 Islamabad


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