Pakistan Bait-Ul-Mal Act, 1992


 What is the Act About?

The act is about the establishment of Bait-ul-Mal fund for providing assistance to destitute and needy widows, orphans, invalid, infirm and such other persons, and thereby save them from hardship and suffering and to enable them to lead an honourable life in the society

Pakistan Bait-Ul-Mal (PBM):

Pakistan Bait-Ul-Mal (PBM) is an autonomous body established under the Pakistan Bait-Ul-Mal Act, 1992.

Who can benefit from Pakistan Bait-Ul-Mal?

The money in Bait-Ul-Mal is administered by the board of members and is utilized for the following purposes:

  1. To provide financial assistance to the destitute and needy widows, orphans, unsound, ill and other needy persons.
  2. For rendering help for rehabilitation of the persons in various professions or vocations.
  3. To provide assistance to children of the persons for educational pursuits.
  4. To provide residential accommodation and necessary facilities to the destitute and needy widows, orphans, invalid, infirm and other needy persons.
  5. To provide for free medical treatment for indigent sick persons and to set up free hospitals, poor houses and rehabilitation centers and to give financial aid to charitable institutions, including industrial homes and other educational institutions established specially for poor and needy.
  6. To provide stipends to educated youth during their training before their employment in jobs.
  7. To provide stipends and financial assistance to brilliant but poor students who cannot afford to acquire higher technical or medical education abroad for lack of money.
  8. To sponsor and promote self-employment scheme
  9. Any other purpose approved by the Board having regard to the aims and objects of the Bait-Ul-Mal.

Assistance Categories:

PBM provides assistance in the following categories:

  1. Artificial Limbs                                    
  2. Cancer Patients                                    
  3. Detail of Estimates                                
  4. Disable Person/Special Friends           
  5. Education Assistance
  6. General Medicine                                 
  7. Hearing Aids                                         
  8. Heart Patients                                       
  9. Hepatitis C Patients                           
  10. Pakistan Sweet Home                          
  11. Pakistan Thalasemia Centre                
  12. Surgical Patients                                   

Application Process:

  1. Application forms are available on
  2. Download and submit your application along with all required documents in Pakistan Bait-Ul-Mal District Office and get application number from the desk.
  3. The application number will help you tracking the status of your case.

Postal Address:


Contact Details

Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal Head Office


Postal Address

Street No: 7, Sector: H-8/4, Islamabad.


0800-66666, 051-9101138




[email protected]


Pakistan Bait-ul-Maal Provincial Office

Postal Address

NBP? Syed Zada House, Near Gul Haji Plaza / Opp? University Rd, Tahkal, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.