Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP)


What Is the BISP About?

Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) is established under parliamentary Act No XVIII of 2010. It’s an unconditional cash transfer program, dedicated to fight poverty by employing multiple social protection instruments designed to bring a sustainable positive change in the lives of persistently excluded and deprived families.

BISP Objectives:

Following are the objectives of BISP as per the parliamentary act:

  1. Enhance financial capacity of poor people and their dependent family members.
  2. Formulate and implement comprehensive policies and targeted programmes for the uplift of underprivileged and vulnerable people.
  3. Reduce poverty and promote equitable distribution of wealth especially for the low income groups.

Various Projects by BISP



Unconditional Cash Transfers (UCT) Programme (2008)

Meet the redistributive goals of the country by providing a minimum income support package to the chronically poor and those who are more likely to be affected negatively by future economic shocks.

National Socio-Economic Registry (NSER)

Established to ensure objectivity in identification of beneficiaries and transparency of interventions. (NSER) contains basic information on household size, education, employment, disability, assets etc.



Financially support the primary education of 4 to 12 years old children of BISP beneficiary families for their enrolments and retention.

Waseela-e-Sehet Initiative (2010)

To protect the underprivileged and vulnerable population from economic consequences of potential health shocks and steer out of the catastrophic illnesses by providing social assistance through a health insurance.


To address the issues of poverty and unemployment through ‘Human Resource Development’ in Pakistan. This initiative envisaged empowering the female beneficiary or her nominee to become economically independent through acquiring demand-driven vocational skills.

Waseela-e-Haq Scheme (Sept. 2009)

To provide and enhance small business and entrepreneurship among poorest of the poor to come out of poverty trap. To promote self-employment among women beneficiaries or their nominated able bodied members of their families as a mean to improve their livelihood.



To help the Beneficiaries improve their economic condition by promoting their handicraft skills and creating a softer image of the Country. The products prepared by BISP beneficiaries include: regional textile, ceramics, marble-mosaic and mazri products.

How to Apply for BISP?

  • Fill the online form, available on
  • Submit and wait for being contacted
  • Remember form can be submitted by providing details of female citizen only.

Know More

Postal Address:                    BISP, F-Block, Pak Secretariat, Islamabad

Phone:                                    0800-26477, 051-9246326


Peshawar Regional Offices

Postal Address:                    House # D-12, Sector D-1, Phase-1, opposite Tatara park, Hayatabad, Peshawar.

Phone:                                    91-9217791

Email:                                     [email protected]

Postal Address:                    House No. 6, Rehman Lane, beside Abdullha car center, Tehkal Payan, Jamrud Road, Peshawar

Phone:                                    091-9331649

Email:                                     [email protected]

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