Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Marriage Functions Act 2018

Why the Act was Introduced?

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Marriage Functions Act 2018 was introduced to prohibit ostentatious displays and wasteful expenses in marriage ceremonies and discourage the trend.

Prohibitions and Restrictions: According to the act, the following elements are prohibited, such as:

  • Gift by Parents: The aggregate value of the gift amount given to the bride by her parents or any other family member shall not exceed the amount of one hundred thousand rupees.
  • Loudspeaker: The sound of a loudspeaker should be restricted to the indoor premises of the house or public place (wedding hall etc)
  • One Dish Menu: More than one dish menu is prohibited (One dish includes rice, one salan, dry dish, nan roti, salad, and sweet dish)  
  • Dowry and Bridal Gifts: Ostentatious display of bridal dowry and gifts are prohibited.
  • Aerial Firing and Explosives: Aerial firing, exploding firecrackers or any other explosive device is prohibited.
  • Timings: Conclusion of all marriage events to conclude at 11 P.M.

Punishment: Whoever fails to comply with any provision of this act shall be:

  1. Fined with two hundred thousand rupees
  2.  Imprisoned for a term which may not exceed three months
  3.  Or both (imprisonment and fine)

Complaints: The complaint can be registered under this offense with the magistrate of the 1st class by those in attendance of the marriage function, within one month of Nikah (If Rukhsati took place on the same date, then it shall be counted as the date of offense). The offense can be bailed.