First MicroFinance Bank


1. Background:

The First Micro Finance Bank Ltd, Pakistan (FMFB-P) was established in 2002 as a nation-wide microfinance bank, licensed by the State Bank of Pakistan. FMFB-P was created through a structured transformation of the credit and savings section of the Aga Khan Rural Support Programmes (AKRSP), an integrated development programme to pioneer the microfinance sector in the country since 1982 in Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral. FMFB-P was established with the mission to respond to poverty and contributes to the social and economic well-being of society by providing opportunities to thousands of under-privileged households. Through targeted financial and multi-sectoral products and services based on the evolving needs of the poor, FMFB-P enables its clients to strengthen their entrepreneurial base and build financial, physical and human capital to secure their future.

2. Product & Services:

The First Micro Finance Bank Ltd., Pakistan (FMFB-P) offers a varying range of product & services

  1. Loans
  2. Deposits
  3. Insurance
  4. Other Products & Services
  5. Banking On Education


3. Loans:

   a. Purpose of Loan:

  • Agriculture: crop farming, mainly cotton, rice, wheat, sugar cane and vegetables, etc.
  • Livestock: purchase of small/large animals (for rearing and fattening) and dairy animals, construction of animal sheds, water tubs, etc.
  • Enterprise: for purchase of inventories, small assets, common facility center, etc.
  • General Purpose: for meeting expenses related to children’s education, health, housing improvements, consumption needs, common community projects, etc.

   b. Types of Loans:

  • Roshan Zar Plus
  • Roshan Zar
  • FIRST Karobar Sarmaya
  • FIRST Kissan Sarmaya
  • FIRST Maveshi Sarmaya
  • FIRST Roshan Mustaqbil Sarmaya
  • Micro Pensioner Loan
  • Low Salary Employee Loan
  • FIRST Home Loan
  • Private Institution Finance
  • Student Finance

Know More:

Postal Address

The First Micro Finance Bank Ltd. 16th & 17th Floors, Habib Bank Tower, Blue Area, Islamabad.



Toll Free

0800-FIRST (34778)


(+92-51) 2821817


[email protected]


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