The Workers Welfare Fund Ordinance 1971

What is Workers Welfare Fund?

A fund was established by the government of Pakistan through an ordinance in 1971 for providing residential accommodation and other facilities for the workers.

Governing Body: A governing body manages this fund under the constitution. Labor ministry’s secretary heads this eighteen member body. One worker, one employer and one provincial government nominee from each province are a part of this governing body. Members of this body are deemed as public servants.

The fund consists of:

  • Government contribution towards the welfare fund.
  • Industry, factory or company establishment (owners) having five lakh rupees or more income to contribute two percent of its income to the fund.
  • Any income from the investment of this fund or removal of movable and immovable property of the fund.
  • Voluntary contributions or donations to the fund (monetary, land or building).
  • Loans raised by governing body.

The fund may be used by the governing body for:

  • Providing housing to workers or
  • Training, re-skilling and apprenticeship of workers or higher education of worker’s children.
  • Expenditure on the administration of the welfare fund.
  • Repayment of loans raised by governing body.
  • Investment in government guarantees, non-government securities and real estate.


Provincial Workers Welfare Board: A provincial setup is allocated funds from the workers welfare fund and known as workers welfare board. It is made with a view to undertake effective management of the welfare fund on provincial level.

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